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Servicesure Autocentres is launching its first ever advertising campaign targeted directly at motorists, promoting the fast growing network on petrol station forecourts.

The campaign runs from 14th March to mid-June at 12 strategic locations with ads on fuel pump nozzles offering drivers a free car health check at their local Servicesure garage.

Paul Dineen, Head of Garage Programmes for Servicesure Autocentres, said: “With the network growing the time is right to launch our first ad campaign targeted directly at motorists.

“Using AdNozzles enables us to select specific regions where we can reach the maximum number of consumers.

Every time motorists fill up at one of these petrol stations they will have the Servicesure name in front of them, literally in their hands.

Our primary aim is to generate business for the garages and workshops that are members of the UK’s fastest growing independent network, but also driving general awareness of the brand among the wider public.”

The ads are being posted at eight petrol stations in England and four in Scotland with half at major supermarket sites.

The garages are in Aberdeenshire, Angus, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Kent, Lanarkshire, London, Merseyside, Somerset, two in Sussex and Stirlingshire.

Dineen added: “We’re confident it will be successful and, if so, we will then roll it out to other regions.”