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Servicesure finds Market-Leading Safe and Sustainable Solution for Lithium-Ion Battery Waste

Servicesure has become the UK’s first national garage programme to establish a circular economy for lithium batteries as part of its EVSure scheme.

Thanks to their long-standing partnership with sustainable waste management business Slicker Recycling and now battery processor Recyclus, Servicesure now offers a safe, circular and carbon-efficient waste lithium battery solution on its EVSure add-on.

Following its successful launch in 2022 by industry-leading garage model Servicesure, the EVSure scheme has supported garage members to become trusted traders for the growing EV and hybrid aftermarket by providing professionally accredited training, marketing materials, and discounts on related tools and equipment.

A partnership approach to hazardous waste.
Winners of Servicesure’s ‘Supplier of The Year’ for 2023, Slicker Recycling have been working alongside the automotive network for over seven years, providing its 600-strong member garages with industry-leading exclusive rates and carbon-cutting services for waste oil and other hazardous waste. In 2022, Servicesure broke its sustainability record by cutting the most carbon emissions through the responsible management of used lubricating oil in partnership with Slicker Recycling.

Now, with the growing electric vehicle market, used lithium-ion batteries are posing a new waste management challenge. Thanks to the recent alignment of Slicker Recycling and lithium-ion battery recycler, Recyclus, members of EVSure have a safe, secure and sustainable route for their EV battery waste.

Safe and sustainable lithium battery solution
Lithium-ion batteries, particularly those from electric vehicles, are notoriously hazardous due to high voltages and potentially volatile battery chemistry, so it’s vital that garages store and dispose of them appropriately. Recyclus’ robust ‘LiBox’ storage containers are specifically designed to store and transport used lithium-ion batteries of all sizes safely and securely. In the case of ‘thermal runaway’, where a lithium-ion battery may spontaneously ignite, the boxes are designed to withstand temperatures up to 6000c. Thanks to Recyclus’ storage solution, EVSure members now minimise the risk EV batteries pose, helping protect their business and, most importantly, the health and wellbeing of colleagues and customers.

Recycling batteries
Following the collection of the used lithium-ion batteries by Slicker Recycling, the EVSure members’ batteries are taken to Recyclus’ state-of-the-art processing facility, the only one of its kind in the UK. Here the batteries are broken down into their component parts, with the ‘black mass’ extracted. This may include materials such as, Nickel, Cobalt, Lithium, Carbon, Aluminium, and others. These materials are sent for further processing so that they can be used again in new applications, including the production of new EV batteries.

This sustainable, circular approach to recycling used lithium-ion batteries ensures valuable finite materials are being re-used instead of being sent to landfill. It also supports EVSure members by reducing their carbon footprint.

Laura Carter, Managing Director at Slicker Recycling said:
“Long has sustainability and the circular economy been at the centre of the Slicker-Servicesure partnership, as we continue to provide a ‘closed loop’ solution for members’ used oil and other workshop waste.

“Now, thanks to our alignment with lithium-ion recycling specialist, Recyclus, we are pleased to offer a sustainable solution for the growing needs of Servicesure’s EVSure members.”

Robin Brundle, Director and Co-Founder of Recyclus Group, said:
“As the first UK-based battery lithium-ion recycler at industrial scale, it is our mission to create a cradle-to-cradle sustainable circular economy for battery metals, assuring the supply of battery materials for future generations. We are delighted to now be working with EVSure through our trusted partner, Slicker Recycling.”

Paul Dineen, GSF Car Parts Head of Servicesure, said:
“Our priority is to provide the best value for our network members. Through our partnership with Slicker Recycling, and in turn Recyclus, we have found what we believe to be the best solution for our members’ waste lithium-ion batteries. Through our partnership, we will help reduce members’ carbon emissions, improve their sustainability, and minimise waste management spend.

“This aligns with GSF Car Parts’ wider aims to find innovative new solutions to apply sustainable practices to our part in the automotive aftermarket.”

For more information on Servicesure’s EVSure programme, please contact your Servicesure Development Manager or email [email protected].