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Forest of Dean Tyres, an independent automotive garage and Servicesure Oilsure member based in West Gloucestershire, located in an area of natural beauty, has recently been awarded the Certificate of Sustainable Waste Management. This is thanks to their commitment to the circular economy through the recycling of their used lubricating oil (ULO) and workshop waste. By partnering with Slicker Recycling as their waste management provider, via the Oilsure programme, Forest of Dean Tyres has managed to greatly reduce their carbon footprint and find sustainable outlets for their hazardous workshop waste.

Saving Money and the Environment

As members of the Oilsure programme, in partnership with Servicesure Autocentres, Slicker Recycling, and Comma Oils, Forest of Dean Tyres have access to Slicker’s industry-leading waste management services offering exclusive discounted rates and a comprehensive waste management package.

The used lubricating oil collected from Forest of Dean Tyres will be sent to Slicker’s state-of-the-art re-refinery, where it will be processed back into a base oil product, the main component in the production of new lubricating oils. Through this process, Forest of Dean Tyres can ensure the waste oil they produce is not being burnt as a PFO (Processed Fuel Oil), significantly minimising their contribution to global warming. Also, because of Slicker’s zero-waste-to-landfill commitment, Forest of Dean Tyres can be assured that Slicker will find a sustainable solution for their other waste streams.

No-hassle Oil Purchasing

Not only this but as members of Servicesure’s Oilsure programme, Forest of Dean tyres can ensure they have the right oil for the right vehicle through Comma’s easy-to-use oil purchasing platform. By simply searching for a vehicle registration, Forest of Dean tyres can see what oil type is required for a particular vehicle and order the required volumes specific to their needs. The oil purchased is also under Oilsure’s warranty, providing Forest of Dean Tyres and other Oilsure members complete peace of mind when installing new oil.

Christopher Reeves, Service Manager at Forest of Dean Tyres, commented

“The Oilsure Programme has completely taken the risk out of purchasing and fitting lubricating oil. We feel confident that the oil we use in our workshop is tailored to the vehicle we are working on. Also, we have made significant savings on the management of our used oil and greatly reduced our carbon footprint. What’s not to like!?”

Ben Spencer, Servicesure Autocentre’s Sales Manager, has said:

“Through our partnership with Slicker Recycling and Comma Oils, we offer fantastic value for Oilsure members. We provide peace of mind through our oil warranty programme and help garages significantly save on their waste management costs. Not only this, but we also minimise the environmental impact of our members by cutting their carbon footprint through Slicker Recycling’s sustainable waste oil and workshop waste solutions.”