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With battery related faults the most common cause of breakdowns, Servicesure’s ‘Batterysure’ initiative with Yuasa aims to teach garages the three ‘Rs’ of battery health.

All garages that sign up to Batterysure and become an official Battery Testing Station will be able to advise its customers if they can ‘Relax’, as their battery is in a good state of health, if they should ‘Recharge’ a low battery, or if it’s time to ‘Replace’ due to high risk of failure.

Yuasa and Servicesure say that checking each vehicle’s battery health that comes into the workshop will not only provide customers with peace of mind, but also present a valuable extra revenue stream for the business.

Each Battery Testing Station will receive a dual-branded battery testing kit, a dual-branded battery stand with header board, testing station signage, ‘Your battery has been checked’ invoice stickers and access to the GS Yuasa Academy.

The GS Yuasa Academy presents garage owners with the opportunity to gain the skills required to improve service, increase sales and reduce warranty returns.

With over 20 detailed, module-based training courses, technicians will learn best practice advice covering every step of a battery’s lifespan.

Upon completion, a downloadable certificate will be available to print off.

James Douglas, Marketing and Product Manager at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd said: “There are huge benefits to all workshops participating in battery testing initiatives such as Servicesure’s ‘Batterysure’.

“Besides increasing battery sales and revenue, workshops will also dramatically increase their levels of customer service and satisfaction, which in turn drives loyalty and enhances their reputation.

“We’ve conducted workshop trials which highlighted that the battery in over one in ten vehicles brought into a workshop requires replacing, and 27% require a recharge.

“Yet this is rarely checked. Most customers expect their workshops to check and maintain all elements of their vehicle.

“If the battery fails shortly after a service or repair work, customers may question the quality of the work carried out and the reliability of the workshop.

“Workshop should be implementing the simple minute long battery test into their everyday routine.

“A battery may look and perform fine but the test will identify its state of health and if it is likely to fail soon.”

As the UK leader for vehicle and industrial batteries, Yuasa has a pedigree built up over 100 years and offers the largest vehicle coverage from one brand.

Paul Dineen, Head of Garage Programmes, added: “An initiative like this – one which is backed by a trusted industry name such as Yuasa – will no doubt help to further strengthen the Servicesure network, giving garages the tools required to really make the most of an often unexploited revenue stream.”

To find out more about becoming a Servicesure Battery Testing Station,contact you Servicesure Sales Manager or the central team on 0330 041 2118.