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With over 29 years of experience, Kilgannon Motors located in Bannockburn, Stirling is an independent garage offering car servicing, repairs, and used car sales to the local community. As a responsible business, Kilgannon Motors takes the management of their waste seriously and as a policy support environmentally sustainable options for their waste streams wherever viable. Kilgannon Motors were also the first garage in the whole of the UK to be awarded the ‘Certificate of Responsible Waste Management’ awarded to them by Slicker Recycling.

To achieve their waste management target Kilgannon Motors have been working in partnership with the Servicesure Autocentres Network and Slicker Recycling to ensure they meet the highest standards in waste management. Slicker Recycling provides them with a comprehensive waste management package collecting all waste streams including, waste oil, oil filters, oily rags, antifreeze, general waste and mixed recycling.

By utilising Slicker Recycling’s services for their waste streams Kilgannon Motors has reduced their number of suppliers needed to manage their waste down to one, making waste collections more efficient, whilst reducing their carbon footprint and overhead costs.

Many garages across the UK burn their waste oil, increasing their carbon footprint and contributing to global warming. Kilgannon Motors, however, receives a cost-effective and fully-integrated waste management system from Slicker Recycling. Once they have collected the waste oil it is then recycled into Processed Fuel Oil (PFO), which is used in the Marine Industry as a fuel. From mid-2020 Slicker Recycling will be converting this PFO back into a ‘base oil’ before it is turned back into a lubricating oil, completing the recycling loop.

Kilgannon Motors has not only eliminated their waste-to-landfill but has also reduced their outgoing costs by moving to Slicker Recycling for their dry waste services. By introducing mixed recycling containers onto their site, they have reduced their general waste volumes and the costs of disposal.

As a Servicesure Autocentres Network member and partner of Slicker Recycling, Kilgannon Motors has achieved an outstanding level of waste management whilst reducing the time needed to manage their waste and on their costs. For more information on Slicker Recycling’s comprehensive waste management package contact our expert team today on 0330 159 8325 or visit our website

 “We are very proud to be the first garage in the UK to be awarded the ‘Certificate of Responsible Waste Management’. Finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment is high on our agenda and by working with Servicesure’s official waste management partner Slicker Recycling we can meet these goals.”

Jamie Kilgannon
Kilgannon Motors