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It’s widely known you don’t have to have your MOT carried out on the exact anniversary of the previous test. But did you know just how much flexibility there is?

In fact, you can book your MOT in a full calendar month before the previous test approval is due to run out and still preserve your original expiry date.

So for example, if your MOT is up on August 23rd you can have the new test done any time between July 24th and August 23rd and you will retain the full 12 months’ approval from the later date.

Of course, what you shouldn’t do is wait until after your MOT runs out. That would mean your vehicle might potentially be unroadworthy.

That could put you, any passengers in your car, other road users and perhaps pedestrians at risk. The consequences could be serious, at the very least making you vulnerable to endorsements on your licence.

If you do have your MOT test carried out after the old certificate has expired (for example, you might have taken it off road for some good reason and filled out a SORN – Statutory Off Road Notification) then obviously the new MOT will be valid from the day of the new test.