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Much like other important systems within a car, it’s important for air conditioning to be regularly serviced and maintained to keep it running. Most air con systems should be serviced every 18 months to 2 years to keep them working at optimum levels and ensure greater efficiency with quicker comfort.

As with most car parts, over time they need replacing or repairing and the parts in an air conditioning system are no different. As well as parts, on average, refrigerant in an air con system will go down about 15% per annum and needs to be topped up.

An air conditioning service involves measuring the pressure of the system, ensuring the system is not contaminated and testing the quality of the refrigerant. An air conditioning system service with no faults should take around an hour. To work with air conditioning systems garage technicians need to be specially qualified, we ensure that any Servicesure Autocentre offering air con servicing has fully certified technicians to maintain the highest standards and ensure that all checks are made properly.