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Did you know that traffic on UK roads often peaks at 35%* higher than its usual amount on a Bank Holiday weekend (*

Make sure you’re prepared for a long journey with our Bank Holiday driving checklist:

Plan your journey

To avoid the worst Bank Holiday traffic jams, check the status of traffic and roadworks before you leave. The Highways Agency usually suspends roadworks to help reduce Bank Holiday traffic, but check their website for up to date traffic news and plan an alternative route if necessary.

Be prepared

If you can’t avoid the traffic, make sure you’re prepared for a long stint in the car. Pack plenty of water and snacks, and if you’re travelling with children bring some entertainment or distractions as well as all the usual essentials.

Don’t forget to pack an emergency kit, including warning triangle, first aid kit, jump leads, and blankets in case you’re stranded in poor weather. It’s also sensible to pack an in-car phone charger in case your battery runs out and you need to call for help.

Don’t forget essential checks

Before you embark on a long journey, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is prepared too. Carry out standard oil, water and tyre pressure checks, and ensure your windscreen wipers and lights are all working correctly alternatively pop into your local Servicesure Autocentre for a free health check. Be sure to fill up on fuel before you leave so you don’t end up relying on expensive petrol stations at motorway services.

Finally take regular breaks

Driving tired can be as dangerous as driving drunk, so it’s important you’re well rested and plan several breaks if you have a long journey ahead of you. You can get some rest and make your journey seem less arduous if you take scheduled breaks at scenic spots — it’s often nicer to rest in a country park than in the car park of a motorway service station.