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Our Servicesure technicians are experts in putting your vehicle through its MOT. However, there are a number of checks you can carry out so your car is ready for its test when it arrives at the garage.

For starters

Pop up the bonnet and check your oil and screen wash levels are as they should be. If your car has headlight adjusters set them to zero. It also helps if your vehicle is generally clean and tidy, inside and out.

Inside the car

Make sure you can open the doors from inside. The driver’s seat should be able to move backwards and forwards. Check there’s no damage to seatbelts and they fasten and work properly. Is the driver’s mirror secure with a good view out the rear window?

Turn on the ignition; all the dashboard lights should come on and then go out when you turn the engine. Put the lights on mainbeam, a dashboard light should come on. Similarly, for the indicators. Finally, sound the horn.

Outside the car

With help of a friend check the exterior lights work. Don’t forget the brake lights! Look for any damage to the windscreen. Ensure screenwashers are functioning.

Check all the doors and tailgate open and shut correctly and that mirrors are in good condition. Headlights should be clean with no broken lenses, similarly front and rear number plates should be readable and unbroken.

Check tyres have sufficient tread to be legal and look out for splits and bulges. Finally, are the wheelnuts all there and if locking nuts are used, are they in the car where the Servicesure technician can find them?