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A survey has shown that motorists struggle with the meanings behind road signs. Plus as many as 70% of motorists don’t know the stopping distance at 30mph.

Only one in ten drivers know the correct meaning of double yellow lines, a study has revealed.

Research carried out by insurance company, Aviva asked 1,500 UK drivers.

On average, people answered eight out of 15 questions correctly, with only two motorists managing to achieve full marks.

This is despite research in 2015 which suggested four out of five motorists classed themselves as safe drivers.

More statistics showed that 33 per cent of drivers were unable to correctly identify 60mph as the UK national speed limit on a single carriage A-road.

Another 35 per cent of motorists couldn’t identify the ‘one-way traffic’ sign.

For ten per cent of drivers they were not aware that 70mph is the speed limit on UK motorways.